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Your Refugee Support Team

We invite you to join JCARI-LA as an individual or on behalf of your organization. As a coalition of LA-area organizations, synagogues, and individuals, we are motivated by our Jewish values and historic experiences of oppression and our belief that we are only as strong as the most vulnerable among us. As Jews, we can relate to the pain of being stateless refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants turned away at the time of greatest need.

We need your voice to shape this coalition to elevate the collective organizing capacity of the robust LA Jewish community on behalf of refugees, asylum seekers, and all immigrants, especially as we face ongoing prevention of refugee and asylum admissions, witness rising numbers of deportations, and hear appalling reports of conditions in detention facilities. Read more about the coalition here, which includes our Mission, Governance Structure, and a full Q&A for membership inquiries (yes, membership is free!).


In Gratitude & Solidarity,


Jess Winfield         Haley Broder

Co-Chair                 Co-Chair


You can also connect with Jews for Refugees throughout the country on the Jews for Refugees Facebook Group.

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