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JCARI-LA Statement on Crisis in Afghanistan

We've all seen the awful images of the unfolding refugee crisis in Afghanistan. Make no mistake, the situation is dire. There are few opportunities for Afghanis to even apply for refugee status at the moment, much less get out of the country safely.
It's the very early days of what will be a long and challenging time ahead. We're all watching and wondering what we can do to help.

Right now the greatest need is for advocacy, to get as many endangered Afghans as possible out of the country and into the pipeline for refugee status as quickly as possible. Please ask your legislators to do so. And of course,
donating to HIAS, a JCARI-LA affiliate and the oldest Jewish immigrant aid organization in the country, is an obvious step.

Here is the HIAS web page
Afghan Crisis:
How You Can Help

with more info.
Please check the page frequently, as it will be updated almost daily during this crisis.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, there will be urgent need for the basics of resettlement: housing, mental health care, legal services, etc.

HIAS doesn’t have an affiliate resettlement agency in the area for the time being. Here are local agencies with Afghan SIV (Special Immigrant Visas)  coming in:


HIAS Affiliates in California are all getting large numbers of Afghan SIVs. Here are other areas where folks might have friends or family looking for ways to help: 


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