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We're partnering with 


to re-unite families

who were separated

because of racist, inhumane immigration policy.

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The Jewish Coalition Assisting Refugees and Immigrants - Los Angeles (JCARI-LA) was re-established in March 2020, with HIAS-affiliated support, in the Los Angeles area, based on three fundamental pillars:


The Jewish values of “welcoming the stranger,” “justice, justice you shall pursue,” and “there shall be one law for the citizen and for the stranger among you."


Our firm belief, grounded in our own Jewish experience, that we must not turn away people fleeing hatred, violence, and danger.

L.A.’s unique history as a first stop for those coming to America and beneficiary of the many contributions immigrants and refugees have made to our communities.

As a coalition of L.A.-area organizations, synagogues, and individuals, we are motivated by our Jewish values and historic experiences of oppression and can relate to the pain of being stateless refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants who were turned away in a time of need.

Our re-establishment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic reaffirms our unwavering belief that we are only as strong as the most vulnerable among us. In this historic moment of widespread suffering, we reaffirm our commitment to helping asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants as fellow human beings who deserve our assistance.


We embrace a vision of an America that leads the world with compassion, welcoming refugees, asylum seekers, and all immigrants and integrating them as members of our communities in ways that have long proven beneficial to our economy, national security, and foreign policy. We will continue to fight to safeguard the current refugee and asylum resettlement system and all immigrants from cynical, racialized politics that have consequences on those fleeing persecution and death, as well as the lives of many of our neighbors and loved ones.


As a coalition, we will bring this vision to Greater L.A., through a Jewish lens.

We invite you to join JCARI-LA as an individual or on behalf of your LA-based organization.

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